The Big Yellow Door





Imagine yourself, hunger stricken,  going through the Satyaniketan lane, seeing hundreds of cafes and restros. Feeling confused where to go? Don’t want your hard earned money to go wasted?
well, here’s BIG YELLOW DOOR to the rescue.
It is serious break from the stereotypical restaurants that we have around here. Well, as soon as you see the restaurant what you see is a oddly shaped door ( not surprising if you read the name correctly).  It actually has a big yellow door as its entrance (these guys take their names pretty seriously !!).
Well now, to the review. 

The Restaurant

The one of many decorative items in the restro
The restaurant is not the type of places that we usually go to.  The entrance is quite unique as is the interior of the restaurant. The moment you enter, you see college guys hanging out, making some funny jokes ( seriously !). The atmosphere inside is actually meant for the college students ( that doesn’t mean , you don’t see families in there).  The walls have a rough design, and have a pretty cool look. As you look around, you see a blackboard on the top of a wall, that has a pretty good party drawing. Then there are sticky notes all over the place , with reviews on them ( they give you a sticky after  you have your meal).
The servicemen are good and have those welcoming expressions on their faces.

Yet being surrounded by a lot of people , you have your privacy. Yes, you can have your serious jokes with your friends without  being disturbed. 

The Food

burger-at-big-yellow-doorThe food served is great. It has some sorts of american touch to it. Talking about the food, it is actually Awesome. Each item in their menu is unique and has its own taste. 
Their Burger speciality is their BOMB BURGER. It is a mean and cruel double patty cheeseburger. It is a big burger and once you push it into your mouth, there is no going back. It is crisp and Juicy at the same time. 
bomb-burger-at-big-yellow-door And one thing worth  mentioning is that they serve  fries and chips with almost  everything you order. They  serve their food in baskets  rather than plates that actually  looks cool.
20140612_19133120140612_184812Everything i ordered turned out to be great. Their sandwiches are wickedly good and the cheese fries just melt in your mouth.  Me and my friends then tried their chicken winglets which turned out to be one of the best chicken wings i have ever tasted.
One Thing that i loved the most is their MUD CAKE. It is actually a chocolate brownie cake with vanilla ice cream. It just consumes you into its taste. What i like to call it is a “Heaven On A Plate”.


The Pricing

Big Yellow Door has an array of exclusive dishes that may look really expensive, but the best thing is that the bill easily fits into your pocket. The dishes are moderately priced ( keeping in mind the monthly budget of an average college student, i guess).
The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you don’t get flown away by the dishes so much that your bills get rolled up.


This was my review of the popular eating joint , “Big Yellow Door”.  And these people did not bribe me for writing so much good about them ( i wish they did !!) .
You guys are welcomed to leave your comments below.
Thank You !!

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